Spoonfuls of honey and Jaywalking

February 7, 2008 at 10:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Well it took me long enough to actually jump on the blog bandwagon. There were worries. I mean does anyone reeeeaaalllly care about what I have to say or what I crafted? Well I sure hope so! here we go…the first post!

So I have a cold. I have been nursing a bone rattling cough and scratchy sore throat. Hence the spoonfuls of honey. Apparently it can quiet a tickle and kill the sore throat causing bacteria. I am still coughing. And I am also not a huge fan of honey…Have you ever tried swallowing a spoonful of honey? It’s like eating oysters.

Jaywalking. We’re all guilty of it. Even me. And today on my way home from the Library, I realized that the most jaywalking I see in this fair city of mine, occurs directly across from the Police Station. Or Tim Horton’s depending on your side of the street. A woman actually expected traffic to stop today to allow her to cross. This girl here didn’t bother stopping. Take the time to walk the two feet and cross at the lights lady.

Ahhhh. That wasn’t so bad. Right? Hrm. I should post the crafts I’ve completed thus far. Another day.


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