Meet Me At The ROM.

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Well I’m back from Toronto and wishing I was anywhere else but here. Little mini-holidays make me feel like I never want to head back to my normal life of work and general boring-ness. So what did I do that was so fantastic? Royal Ontario Museum. Shopping.

The ROM has become my favourite place. Except that I loathe the new “Crystal” addition to it. It’s awful. And ruins the gorgeous old architecture. But I digress. Oh wait I need to digress once again. I’m a very tactile person, I like to touch things. Except you can’t touch things at the museum. It’s bad etiquette according to the map and probably bad for the artifacts as well. So this visit was definately an act of self-control! Vairocana Buddha, Buddha of LightAnyways, the Darwin exhibit was great, except I couldn’t take pictures. It was quite interesting and strangely enough most of the information I possess on Darwin I learned in my History of Psychology course…The dinosaurs were also cool. One of my favourite parts was the Wedgwood exhibit and also one on furnishings through the ages, I think it was called Europe: History of Style. You must visit the ROM! Go on 1/2 price Friday nights if money is an issue….Women\'s evening dress, Designer Zandra Lindsay Rhodes

Now shopping. I love to window shop…And I window shopped on Bloor. Because I can’t afford to shop in Chanel, Coach or Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately! I went into Winner’s though and held a Badgley Mishka purse. I couldn’t rationalize spending half a paycheque on a gorgeous purse…as much as I tried!!!  I did score some cool stuff at Micheal’s though! (Which wasn’t on Bloor…) Everything was on sale or clearance!Vellum, Felt Ornaments, Ribbon i bought 3 dresses. I don’t wear dresses. But I guess I will now! I also bought 2 books for 2$ each : ) Yay for bargains!


And then my mini-break ended. And I was back to reality.

p.s. I also recommend travelling by VIA trains…I was in VIA1 class which was amazing…more expensive but you get a three course meal and bar access…don’t get the red wine. 

[ I have more pictures…maybe I’ll add them to FLICKR….]


I’d like to thank my fans…

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for reading this!

I’ve officially made it to 301 hits on my little blog! I’m pretty excited about it! I know I have some faithful readers because they have left comments, but there are some annonymous ones too who have reached this place by some pretty random searches! But I welcome all readers and comments! I feel pretty special to have people actually reading/looking at this site! So thanks!

Well not much has been going on…I started knitting the body for a Poodle Bottle Cover, started a new Ballband and while at a supper/creating night at Jen’s, I made a pin cushion! The progress on the knitting is so miniscule I’m not even going to bother with a picture. But here’s the pin cushion:

 pin cushion.

I’m heading to the city for a friend’s 25th birthday in a couple days…I hope the weather is nice….I detest driving in the rain…especially on the highway!

I’ve derailed on the Healthy Living Plan…Sometimes life gets in the way and I make poor food choices…such as Irish Cream Cheesecake…which when you try to limit sugar and chocolate and generally really good desserts, once you eat something like that your body totally craves it all the time. Or at least that is what happened with me! I’ve lost 10 Lbs so far which is nice, another 10 to go, but I am worried that the work I’ve done has been undone by poor food choices of the last two weeks…Guess I better get in gear and try to stay on track!!!

I’m off to Value Village!

Here’s To New Beginnings…

May 1, 2008 at 9:28 am | Posted in random-ness | 1 Comment

Wow. It’s been awhile. Quite a bit has happened. None of which has anything to do with crafty things! A whole lot of personal stuff, my grandpa passed away, a family rift has been potentially repaired and I have a new outlook on things…But enough with the drama-emo stuff!

So I’m momentarily stalled on my grandma’s dishcloths…But I did buy more yarn because I was getting tired of the colours I had. So I picked up purple and then some white with yellow specks. No pics of it all yet though. Soon though. I feel weird not doing anything crafty.

I have been reading a ton of books about growing an herb/veg garden. I was originally going to have a windowsill garden of herbs, but all the books I’ve read say that it is difficult, so I am going to grow my herbs in containers outside. I have huge plans for this!!! I am going to grow oregano, parsely, basil, garlic chives, spring onions (green onions) and maybe some peppers!! Wish me luck!

I think that’s all for now…oh wait! Those tin canister things I bought? My sister picked up bigger copper coloured ones that were in much better shape for $12.99 at a yardsale…A little pricey but they are nice!

Ok, I shall be back with more crafty stuff soon!

At Least the Sun is Shining.

March 9, 2008 at 6:22 pm | Posted in random-ness | 2 Comments

Then again it is causing a crazy glare off the piles of snow and causing me to go blind. But at least the snow stopped right? And maybe the sun means that Spring is actually coming. I can have hope can’t I??

So even with all this snow and thus free time, I haven’t done any crafting! I feel bad about it too. And the crappy weather has prevented me from attending the local SnB. So fingers crossed I can get out to this Tuesday’s….

I don’t have much to write about and I really don’t feel like writing in sentences so here’s the bulleted version of this week:

  • Weirdest Text Msg Received: “I just saw someone who looked like Phil Spector!” go ahead google him.
  • # of almost accidents (none of which my fault) = 3
  • Progress of Healthy Living Plan = Fair, 2lbs loss, but ate a few too many TimBits…
  • Exercise: Snow shovelling…and running into Winners from the car during blizzard
  • # of job offers = 0, but have a lead on another p/t one
  • Time spent knitting = 0…I’m not proud of it.
  • # of coffees/teas in a week = 10…It’s an addiction. But it’s under control…

And that’s all folks. It was a slow week.

Oh and here is a picture of my car, a Toyota Yaris, under a nice blanket of snow.There’s a car under there!

A Little Less Guilt

February 14, 2008 at 3:15 pm | Posted in random-ness | 3 Comments

I can ease up on my guilt surrounding money. Because i just received an offer of employment! Part-Time, which translates to 16hrs a week but at least I’ll be out in the adult world. And the employer was very sympathetic towards my intentions to seek out another job, stating that she is willing to work around another employer’s hours and that if I bailed on this job, even after accepting it, for a better (read: full-time) position, it was totally okay! So at least there is flexibility with that aspect. So I guess my job search continues….

Why oh why did I get a BAH in Psychology??? Oh right ’cause I was going to be a Psychologist. And then I realized I loathed research and well you can’t get a Masters and PhD. without research. So then I had the brainy idea of getting a Child and Youth Worker diploma. Look how useful that has been. Well I guess it’s not entirely horrible to have been unemployed since September. I was taking a breather from all those years of writing research papers and skimming-I mean reading- textbooks. At least that’s what I have been telling everyone who has asked me what I am doing with my life. And now my new venture to head back to school to be a Librarian. Which btw you need a Masters degree in.

Anyways…in honour of Valentine’s Day I made some chocolate covered strawberries!! Very yummy.



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