Value Village Loot!

May 21, 2008 at 4:13 pm | Posted in Thrifty | 1 Comment
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What to do on a day off from work? Head to the local Value Village of course! I was pleasantly surprised to find some lovely linens and a glass jar! YAY! I’ve stopped looking at the clothes because I NEVER find anything worth buying…but on this trip while I was making my way to the “Housewares” section I decided to peruse the “Linens” section. Which I never do. But I am very happy I did because I found this

Thrifty Loot!

tablecloth/runner and then on the end of the aisle I found matching napkins! I was pretty excited! I had originally  thought that maybe I would hack up the tablecloth and turn it into something like a wallet or purse, but now I think I may use it! You can also see my other find in this picture…an aqua glass jar! I have no clue what it is to be used for but I plan on putting it in the bathroom as a pretty decoration! After all this thrifting I didn’t even look for knitting needles OR yarn! I did find a cute crochet afghan and wondered if I could unravel it for yarn, but then passed on it…

I also made a trip to the library. I always head to the new book shelf and on it I found 3 books! One is about healing your back through stretches (I have back problems…my Chiro blames my posture…), another is called “Food and Cooking in Victorian England – A History” (it seems interesting and fulfills my love of food AND history!) and lastly, “Green for Life” (ECO ideas…and quite frightening!!! I am trying to be more green in my life…according to this book I am not doing a very good job!) One thing the book informed me about was a Google sister site, which is a search engine just like Google, only the background is black which saves energy, it takes alot of power for a white background…I just may make the switch! Those ECO books all make me feel uneasy. You’d think it would be intuitive to humans that using products that are full of chemical crap would be bad…but apparently not. I vow to buy local this summer at the Farmer’s Market in town…or at least the little stand by my house…which I will walk to!



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