Some FOs For Your Viewing Pleasure

February 10, 2008 at 12:14 am | Posted in crafting | Leave a comment
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So here are a few things I’ve crafted over the years, that I actually took photos of.


Embroidered Anchor 

Anchor – I’m nautical by nature.

Embroidered Heart 

Sometimes, love hurts. Design from Asta Arts Rubber Stamps.

Embroidered Bird 

A swallow without a message. Design by Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching

Marble Magnets:

Bird Marble magnet 

Marble + Picture+ Magnet+ Gobs of Hot Glue = This magnet

Damask Pattern 

Fancy damask pattern

Anchor Magnet 

Oh anchors.

The incredibly simple technique of making marble magnets can be found here, search the forums for marble magnets.

My knitting shall be posted another day, when I am finished my coffee cozy!


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