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So I made some cupcakes the other day. I had these wonderful intentions of providing my mum, grandma and 3 aunts with gorgeous cupcakes that I made –from scratch no less– for Mother’s Day. I chose the Coconut Vanilla Cupcakes from Chatelaine’s May issue, except not everyone loves coconut so I decided to omit it. I also found this All Purpose flour called “NutriBlend” It’s unbleached AP Flour with Wheat Bran (I think…) added to it, so I subbed that in for regular AP Flour. And then I got to baking. My butter was softened, my eggs were room temp and my oven was preheated. Everything went very smoothly! That is until I discovered that I forgot to add the VANILLA! I added it in at the end…instead of with the eggs and prayed to the cupcake fairies that it would all work out. Unfortunately, these cupcakes turned out really dense…almost like a muffin. I wasn’t a fan. I also couldn’t give them to family either…I didn’t want them to have to lie about liking them and then turn around and be like “Poor Errin…can’t even make cupcakes, how will she ever survive?” ( hehehe) Anyways. I loaded 3 up with store bought icing spiked with coconut for my sister and her boyfriend. They loved them. So the next day I whipped up some cream cheese icing, which was delish and frosted the remaining cupcakes, which I admit tasted much better with CC icing…and gave them to my sister to dispose of. And when I say dispose I mean give them to her boyfriend to eat. Anyways here’s some pictures! I felt they looked better than they tasted.




Lessons Learned:

  • Slowly substitute new flours
  • Don’t omit coconut ( I like it!)
  • Try a recipe @ least a week in advance, not night before
  • Find a plain vanilla recipe and play with that
  • Make own frosting from now on


Off topic but…I also got a sunburn on Tuesday…a lovely blotchy one. I need to remember to wear sunscreen EVERYDAY or at least get a moisturizer that contains one…



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