Thrifty Owls

February 11, 2008 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Thrifty | 1 Comment
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So I was at Value Village. I was looking for knitting needles. Instead I found an amazing owl patterned cookie jar. Well, as lovely as it was, I put it down, even though it was only $2.99. As I am not employed at the moment, I feel guilty whenever I find something I would like to buy. This guilt I feel about money and spending has been around for as long as I was making money. But I digress and that can be another topic, another day.

So I put the owls out of my head. But then I came across matching salt and pepper shakers and then a sugar bowl. And I took that as a sign. I was destined to buy these slightly scratched, definately chipped and quite charming little owls of joy. At a whopping $6.74 CDN, they definately didn’t break the bank. Although, I suspect there is a creamer out there with this same owl pattern that just wants to join my collection. And I shall find it!

If someone does happen to find it or anything else with the pattern on it, especially if it is found in Ontario, Canada, please alert me!

Value Village Loot!

Keep your eyes peeled for a little review of City and Colour’s new album ‘Bring Me Your Love’ right here, either tomorrow or the next day…I’ll try not to feel too much guilt about buying the album 🙂


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