Happy Leap Year!

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Well, it’s been awhile since I last wrote, so here’s a little update about what I’ve been up to.

First, I finished that Ballband dishcloth. Ballband DishclothI even weaved in the ends! So far, I am finding it difficult to actually use the dishcloth to wash the dishes, however I did use it as a pot holder and it held up pretty well! I need a new knitting project. Oh and some yarn. I’m itching to set up my new sewing machine, but I just haven’t had the time. Maybe I should make the time. I also finished the coffee cozy. Coffee Cozy 

It’s been “finished” for quite some time, but I just decided to weave in the ends and seam it up. It works fairly well. My sister said she’d use one, so maybe I’ll give it to her. Speaking of my dear sister, she ventured out to an indoor yard sale the other weekend and managed to find ONE book of knitting patterns. It’s for men’s socks, but I am pretty sure they can be decreased in size. Guess I better get some DPNs.

Here’s a picture of the front cover.Pattern Book                                      And here’s a picture of my favourite socks. Socks





Sadly I frogged the “Wavy” scarf. It was beyond my repairing abilities and was incredibly frustrating. I also wasn’t in love with the wool. It was a pretty colour but not nice against the skin. Oh well, I’ll attempt it again when I feel up to it!

I also started work. It’s interesting, but not in the mentally stimulating interesting kind of way. In the clients are interesting way….you get me? I also have really not done alot. There is no money left in the budget for me to have my own computer. Which sucks. So I really can’t do anything! We’ll see how this goes. I’ve also applied for a job with the local Children’s Services agency, so maybe something will come of that. The library has yet to give me an interview. Guess I’ll have to volunteer…

And lastly, I am obsessed with British programming. If I had the BBC I probably wouldn’t leave the house. Good thing W and HGTV provide me with my fixes. What I’m watching right now: Cook Yourself Thin –>Yummy recipes that are good for the waistline!; Colin and Justin’s Home Heist –> I love these guys!!! They have some other shows that are filmed in Britain, but this show is all Canadian! Also, I am still trying to figure out if Steven and Chris are Canada’s answer to Colin and Justin…I’m just not sure.; How Clean is Your House? –> Seriously Kim is awesome. I want to be her when I am old : ); Location –> Just a home hunting show.; How to Look Good Naked –> Way better than the American knock off. Gok is waaaaaay better than Carson. Even though I’ve never actually watched the American version…but I did see a preview on Oprah, so I can make judgements. Go ahead, check your local listings so you can watch these programmes too!

Phew. That’s along one. Now it’s snowing…2nd storm in a week! And I have to go stock up on groceries. Also, I am starting a healthy eating plan. I’m not calling it a diet. I’m eating smaller (i.e correct!) portions of food, lightening up some recipes and trying to get in the recommended servings of fruits and veg, grains, protein and dairy. Next, I need to tackle the exercise part of my plan…Maybe I’ll call it a Healthy Living Plan…

Anywho, I’m off to the market!


(edited to add pics of Colin and Justin and Steven and Chris…just for a visual)

Colin and Justin photo from HGTV.caColin and Justin

Steven and Chris photo from CBC.caSteven and Chris


Randomness – Perfect for a Wednesday

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Check out this little guy:

A squirrel eating a muffin

My dog spotted him outside on the deck. I had to take a picture. I mean come on, a squirrel eating a muffin. If that doesn’t scream “Kodak Moment” I don’t know what does! I’m sad to report that a huge crow swooped down and stole that squirrel’s muffin! Stupid crow.

Also, I finished my knitted coffee cozy, I just haven’t taken a picture yet. I started a “Ballband Dishcloth” from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. Carrie over at Carrie’s Workbasket made one too! Here is what I have so far:

Ballband Dishcloth

The colours are Hot Green and Summer Prints of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. It reminds me of lemons and limes….and a brick wall…I love it!

Not much else has gone on. A couple of trips to Value Village. I found a cute summer-y skirt only to bring it home and find out it was too big and very unflattering. I am going to try to make it flattering and fit though. So, stay tuned. And EEP! Tomorrow is the first day of work!!! I am super confused about what I actually do, but hopefully it becomes clearer tomorrow. Wish me luck!

A Little Less Guilt

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I can ease up on my guilt surrounding money. Because i just received an offer of employment! Part-Time, which translates to 16hrs a week but at least I’ll be out in the adult world. And the employer was very sympathetic towards my intentions to seek out another job, stating that she is willing to work around another employer’s hours and that if I bailed on this job, even after accepting it, for a better (read: full-time) position, it was totally okay! So at least there is flexibility with that aspect. So I guess my job search continues….

Why oh why did I get a BAH in Psychology??? Oh right ’cause I was going to be a Psychologist. And then I realized I loathed research and well you can’t get a Masters and PhD. without research. So then I had the brainy idea of getting a Child and Youth Worker diploma. Look how useful that has been. Well I guess it’s not entirely horrible to have been unemployed since September. I was taking a breather from all those years of writing research papers and skimming-I mean reading- textbooks. At least that’s what I have been telling everyone who has asked me what I am doing with my life. And now my new venture to head back to school to be a Librarian. Which btw you need a Masters degree in.

Anyways…in honour of Valentine’s Day I made some chocolate covered strawberries!! Very yummy.



Bring Me Your Love…

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Brilliant. That’s the word I’ve come up with to describe City and Colour’s latest album “Bring Me Your Love”. I’m not even sure if “brilliant” will do. City and Colour (aka Dallas Green of Alexisonfire), has created an album that manages to be pure and gritty all at the same time. Bring Me Your Love artfully showcases Green’s talent as a musician and writer, as well as highlighting his growth as an artist.

It is hard to imagine that such a sweet sounding voice can come from a man who is more Lumber Jack Chic than Crooner. Seriously folks, Green has been sporting red plaid and a beard for quite some time. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, because let’s be honest here, Dallas is quite fetching in his plaid. On that note, he’s got a voice. And it’s wonderful. ‘Nuff said. Oh and he’s also got skills for writing songs that reach out to the masses and seep inside their heads. He’s also got the skills for playing the guitar and piano. Basically, he’s a ball of talent, wrapped up in plaid.

On this album, Dallas is joined by members of Attack in Black (another amazing Canadian band, so go check them out. I’ll wait.) and it’s a nice fit. They’ve influenced Dallas, in a good way. In a Folk-y way. Which is nice. Also, there’s a lovely duet with Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip,(You have to know who they are.) on the track “Sleeping Sickness”, which is a track that was on Green’s Simple Songs EP, I believe. Now this new “Sleeping Sickness“, has had it’s lyrics tweaked, but for the better. The song now has more substance and heart. And Downie. I dig the instrumentation on this album. His previous album, “Sometimes” didn’t feature much more than a guitar, which was good, but I like the way this album mixes it up with different sounds.

It’s hard to pick a favourite track, or two or 12. But as of right now, “The Death of Me” & “Against The Grain” are reaching out to me and making me listen. One thing about City and Colour is that no matter how much the songs can be played on the radio (“Save Your Scissors“…yeah that had quite the radio play.) I don’t get tired of hearing the songs. I can listen to them over and over and still find something new in them. It’s the same with Alexisonfire. So good on ya for being able to accomplish that feat.

This album feels like Dallas is letting fans have a peak inside his head. It’s a little haunting, but there’s happiness hidden in there. You just have to listen for it.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy it. Listen to it. And love it.

Buy Me, Please!

City and Colour


Thrifty Owls

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So I was at Value Village. I was looking for knitting needles. Instead I found an amazing owl patterned cookie jar. Well, as lovely as it was, I put it down, even though it was only $2.99. As I am not employed at the moment, I feel guilty whenever I find something I would like to buy. This guilt I feel about money and spending has been around for as long as I was making money. But I digress and that can be another topic, another day.

So I put the owls out of my head. But then I came across matching salt and pepper shakers and then a sugar bowl. And I took that as a sign. I was destined to buy these slightly scratched, definately chipped and quite charming little owls of joy. At a whopping $6.74 CDN, they definately didn’t break the bank. Although, I suspect there is a creamer out there with this same owl pattern that just wants to join my collection. And I shall find it!

If someone does happen to find it or anything else with the pattern on it, especially if it is found in Ontario, Canada, please alert me!

Value Village Loot!

Keep your eyes peeled for a little review of City and Colour’s new album ‘Bring Me Your Love’ right here, either tomorrow or the next day…I’ll try not to feel too much guilt about buying the album 🙂

Some FOs For Your Viewing Pleasure

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So here are a few things I’ve crafted over the years, that I actually took photos of.


Embroidered Anchor 

Anchor – I’m nautical by nature.

Embroidered Heart 

Sometimes, love hurts. Design from Asta Arts Rubber Stamps.

Embroidered Bird 

A swallow without a message. Design by Jenny Hart, Sublime Stitching

Marble Magnets:

Bird Marble magnet 

Marble + Picture+ Magnet+ Gobs of Hot Glue = This magnet

Damask Pattern 

Fancy damask pattern

Anchor Magnet 

Oh anchors.

The incredibly simple technique of making marble magnets can be found here, search the forums for marble magnets.

My knitting shall be posted another day, when I am finished my coffee cozy!

Spoonfuls of honey and Jaywalking

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Well it took me long enough to actually jump on the blog bandwagon. There were worries. I mean does anyone reeeeaaalllly care about what I have to say or what I crafted? Well I sure hope so! here we go…the first post!

So I have a cold. I have been nursing a bone rattling cough and scratchy sore throat. Hence the spoonfuls of honey. Apparently it can quiet a tickle and kill the sore throat causing bacteria. I am still coughing. And I am also not a huge fan of honey…Have you ever tried swallowing a spoonful of honey? It’s like eating oysters.

Jaywalking. We’re all guilty of it. Even me. And today on my way home from the Library, I realized that the most jaywalking I see in this fair city of mine, occurs directly across from the Police Station. Or Tim Horton’s depending on your side of the street. A woman actually expected traffic to stop today to allow her to cross. This girl here didn’t bother stopping. Take the time to walk the two feet and cross at the lights lady.

Ahhhh. That wasn’t so bad. Right? Hrm. I should post the crafts I’ve completed thus far. Another day.

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