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Today is Remembrance Day. Hopefully, you’ve worn your poppy (I’ve lost two of mine in the week since I started wearing it). Hopefully, you had a quiet moment of silence at the 11th hour today to pause and reflect and most of all remember. Today also marks the 90th Anniversary of Armistice, or end of World War I. Canada’s last known surviving WWI soldier is Jack Babcock, 108 yrs old. Go ahead google him. I just watched a Doc. on him, his story is pretty interesting. The numbers of our WWII veterans are also dwindling, making it all the more important to honour and remember them.

My day today is going to be spent watching the History channel, watching documentaries and knitting.

Remember our soldiers, both past and present and also thank them for the sacrifices they made!



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  1. oh Errin, I am SO ready for you to update this!

    come to the next FIBRE NIGHT!?

  2. le sigh. you never listen to me 😦

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