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Today was a fairly ordinary day. I bought pumpkins. I checked the job bank (some good leads!). I also acquired a bag of acrylic yarn. I didn’t really want said yarn. I don’t dig acrylic, but I didn’t have the heart to say no to someone who was obviously thinking of me and actually remembered I knit. I set the bag of acrylic down and promptly forgot it existed until hours later, my nosy pooch Rocky sniffed around and dug through the bag. I decided to pull out the yarn, it’s all those econo-balls of Red Heart; navy, plum, banana. Nothing special. But then I found a pattern book! Alas it was for crochet. Next, I discovered some granny squares (at least I think they were!). The greatest treasure inside this bag? A crochet hook! Now maybe I’m over-excited, but I always wanted to learn to crochet, but didn’t necessarily want to buy hooks, in case I was horrible at it or just gave up. Was it fate that I received a bag of yarn that also included a crochet hook? I don’t know but I’m willing to try it out! Yay! I have my very own hook and alot of acrylic to practice with! I can chain and join to make a round, but that is where my skills end. I also think my technique is waaaaay off but I end up with something resembling what the instructions show. I can’t wait for Jen to return from her travels to assist me with crochet!

In my last post I said I needed to charge my camera’s batteries, which I still need to do, but I just found my charger. Yes it took me a month to find it. It was under my laundry hamper. Don’t ask. I don’t know how it ended up there. So be ready for some picture of my knitting progress and CROCHET!

Good Night!

On my bookshelf : Civil and Strange by Clair Ni Aonghusa


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  1. yay good for the updatem for the crochet, and for you, Errin!

    I cant remember how to use a canadian keyboard anymore!

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