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adjective; irritably or peevishly sensitive; touchy. First known English use was in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. (Courtesy of Miriam-Webster Dictionary)

So I joined the Word of the Day email list. I’m a word nerd I guess. “Tetchy” is my favourite word thus far! Maybe because I am in a tetchy mood alot?

I mentioned that I love to read awhile back yet I’ve only recommended one book! A good book, but still only one! So here are some others I recommend:

  • Eat, Pray, Love. – Made me hungry. And want to travel.
  • Hip Tastes: The Fresh Guide to Wine – I thought I should learn about wine, so when I order it I know what I’m doing!
  • The DYI Bride – I wondered if I should help my sister craft her wedding…the answer is no.
  • The Almost Moon – Very odd. And disturbing. Read The Lovely Bones as well.
  • Food and Cooking in Victorian England: A History  Combines my love of food AND history!
  • The Last Summer (Of you and me) – Just a good read.

Of course I’ve read alot more books than that…but most are Chic-Lit which sometimes I feel guilty about reading. But oh well.

Knit Night YARN ART NIGHT is back up again, which includes but is not limited to knitting, crochet, and spinning. That little correction was for Miss Jen over in Ireland! Sorry for not being inclusive to all of the yarn arts : ). I was unable to attend the first one, but made it to the second. We’re a bit smaller this year, but hopefully more people will join in on the fun : ) I’m working on a retro poodle bottle cover, which is going smoothly so far. My cam’s batteries are dead so when they charge up I’ll take a picture of my progress and post it!

I’m off to job hunt!

Have a marvelous Autumn afternoon!

(For those who care my header picture is of the Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto).



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  1. i love the header pic! great!!! 🙂
    are you still in chatham?
    and i suck at knitting (i can only make a scarf) but i wanna come to a knit group and hopefully learn more!
    let me know!!! adaisy4jenn@hotmail.com

  2. first – what is the photo of?
    second – wtf?! Why is it called KNIT NIGHT when clearly one of the founders was ONLY a crocheter up until this week? Just because there was only me representin’ the crochet crew does not mean i should be discluded 😦
    third – you should feel guilty reading chick lit, you .. i can’t even think of a socially appropriate word right now. i’ve read i think two chick lit books (thought I’d give them a chance) but i had to bathe numerous times afterwards so quickly gave up on them 😉
    however, the list of books you have given us clearly makes up for the issues with the chick lit.

  3. Jen:

    First – The outside of the ROM, it’s called “The Crystal” And I’m not fond of it because it doesn’t “mesh” with the original architecture.

    Second – Please see correction in post, I apologize! 🙂

    Third – At least I’m not reading Harlequins right?

  4. I suppose… harlequins would be the final straw for me!!!

    thanks for the correction. it feels much better!

  5. when qre you going to update??? and how goes the job search? melissa just sent me a posting from CKCS… they are hiring asap want me to forward it?

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